This is Even More Intense Than That Time I Forgot How to Sit Down.

So I decided to start blogging again! I can here the hallelujahs from across the world. ...Not really. But I wanted to give it one more hoo-rah and one more go. Especially since I've been indulging in as much fashion as I can lately. Updates so far? I'm nearing the end of my first quarter at FIDM (I will make a post specially dedicated to this school, because, frankly, I dislike it), I am getting my own studio apartment, I excitedly sit at home most days, 30 Rock is my new favorite show, I have not shaved, and I am currently watching The Last Airbender... this God-awful movie.

Sounds like fun!


I Know Where I'm Going for FNO!!!!

Kirna Zabete!!

A. Wang, Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Thakoon... boutique heaven. Join us?


Fall 2010 Trends: Army Green

The most obvious trend of Fall 2010? Army (or Military) Green. It kind of all started with Christophe Decarnin's Spring/Summer 2010 RTW Collection for Balmain, though. A whole season before. But it was such a rejuvenated trend, many took it and ran with it for this coming Fall. I feel this trend is so simple and self-explanatory that I don't have to say as much as I did in my last Fall trend post. Let us just enjoy these collections with one of the season's most-casual colors.

Moschino Cheap & Chic had a Fall 2010 collection that kind of embodied every up-coming Fall trend. Very quirky and commercial. But out of all the looks in the collection, two stood out with the trend of topic. The components that make up the looks work very well together and are spot-on with Fall 2010 trendy-ness.

What do I love most about this collection? The coats. Burberry Prorsum brings great coats for females and males in the Army Green color. Fur collars and trims, oversized, gold button detail... I want to wear them all. The styling with black bottoms/boots to match the green tops is a constant in the show. It also extends the kind of "dark" style to match the trend.

The collection that started it all was Balmain Spring/Summer 2010. Christophe (still on that first name basis wish) projects trends as if it were his birth rite. Deconstruction, golds, army green. The trend was set off earlier this year, due to this show, and will continue through the Fall season.

The revival of this color from earlier this decade was a complete success. It's a casual color this season that has actually been a must-have the entire year. Let's see how much longer it lasts!


Black Swan

Was on Rotten Tomatoes a few minutes ago. Saw the trailer for Natalie Portman's new film Black Swan. The ending seconds of the trailer are terrifying. I want to see this film.

My Thrift Findings

I've been meaning to post my latest findings since Thursday. But work has prohibited me from doing so! Oh and cashiering for 5 straight hours can sure make one (me) tired. Anyway... this past Thursday, after departing my dentists office from my teeth cleaning, I stopped by the new thrift store a few doors down.

I ended up picking out 5 items and left with 4. The cost? $13. It would've been $16 but I stopped in during 25% off day (YES!). What I feel the biggest success of the trip was the Disneyland baseball tee. It had no price marked on it so when I got to the register I let them know. The guy said "$3?" I said hmm... "Let me wait and see the others first." So then he says "What about $2?" Not being stupid... I said "OKAY!" Now here are my findings:

I've wanted a classic-like plaid button up for the longest.

This (infamous) shirt is from the Hong Kong Disneyland Grand Opening. Do I have to say more?

My explanation: When the 90's come back full force, I'll be ready.

Red wool blazer with a single button and a Bermuda patch. Fall trend: preppy.


Fashion's Night Out

In about 17 +/- 18 days (September 10th), Fashion's Night Out will commence internationally. I want to attend FNO in New York City. Most likely, I'll somehow make myself go. But what a week.. Gaga on the 7th, possibly Gaga on the 8th, then the streets of Manhattan for FNO! In my post below I mentioned how I scheduled to take out my wisdom teeth on the 10th, the day of FNO and the day after NY Fashion Week has begun. I'll change that, definitely.

I'll post my itinerary later as the date gets closer and as I get it fine tuned. I definitely want to see M-K & A, go to Opening Ceremony... Bergdorfs and Saks? Remember my talking about my uncle who works at Kirna Zabete? The tiny boutique on Greene St. in SoHo? Well, they're throwing a little soiree. He really said party but I wanted to use that word as a funny. So KZ will be one of my places of visit for the evening. Maybe I can pick up a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag or maybe a Wang Darcy Hobo bag? We'll see... I just want to go to the city for that night!

And possibly drop some money... But how much can one male buy in a sea of womenswear?

New York City September 10th 2010 on the heels of New York Fashion Week from 6-11 PM. Be there.


Wondering If I Should Start Outfit Posts?

Hate to be a bore. I wish I were in the mood for posting something interesting or fashion-related. It would most likely consist of my desire to go to Fashion's Night Out on September 10th. But uhh... I kind of scheduled myself to get my wisdom teeth pulled out that morning. Horrible? Yes. So I should probably change that. But this post will happen tomorrow.

I'm debating if I should start posting about what I'm wearing. It's a little suckish because I do not have a tripod and I never find the time to look for one. We'll see...


Fall 2010 Trends: Baroque and Royal

Christophe Decarnin is one of my favorites and has been since his oh-so-trendy Spring/Sumer 2009 Collection for Balmain. The collection brought the '09 year-round trends of Military/band-style jackets, bleached/acid wash jeans, and studded-strappy heels. Christophe (oh how I wish were on a first-name basis so let's pretend) just knows how to make the year's hottest trends. I like to think he single-handedly brought back the Army style on his S/S 2010 RTW Collection but we'll get to that later. So what did he start this time?

The Balmain show for Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear went on with a medley of the Purple Rain soundtrack by Prince. The songs definitely fit with the theme of the show. What Christophe brings us this year have a royal taste (Totally Prince, right?). Those gold-dusted jabot collars, jacquard blazers, perfect frock coats, gold-sequined trousers along with heavily embellished in gold/red trousers... Such a dream. I feel like it's only okay to look at these pieces, not touch. The same goes for our next, legendary, designer. I'm obsessed with the Balmain Fall show so much I have it located on my MacBook just to watch when I feel like it. I've pulled some of my favorite looks from this collection.

McQueen. What's left to say? Alexander McQueen brings to life this new Fall trend. His final hands-on collection for Fall 2010 RTW is stunning beyond belief. But if you're a McQueen lover or even just a fashion follower, you already know this. Alexander brings us back in time to the Byzantine Empire where I wouldn't mind living if I could be enveloped by these handcrafted masterpieces. Here we get the legit historical feel. The cuts, the drapes, the shapes, the prints of digital photographs of paintings from the Dark Ages are flawless. They're only things you want to bask in. I don't think I need to write any more because the pieces speak for themselves. Long live McQueen... My favorite designer, creator.

So we learn from the trend-setting of Balmain's Christophe Decarnin and the genius of Alexander McQueen is: This fall season is royal and historical.


Wistful Wednesdays: #1

Wistful has synonyms of nostalgic, hopeless, dreamy/ing, sad. But I choose to use the synonym of melancholy and its definition of longing.

So on the first entry of Wistful Wednesdays, and what each Wistful Wednesday post will carry, here is a list of new music! Yes, Wistful Wednesdays will be musical posts. The weekly entry will feature any new music I found/enjoyed in the time span of 6 days. It could also include any music from the past that is either new to me or I would like to rekindle. I'm a huge fan of music and finding the new so I want to share that. You know... in between all of my fashion-related and gaga-related posts.

Egyptian Hip Hop I found a few months ago. I kind of put them aside even though I was really intrigued by their music and style. Apparently they're really really young too. In July I believe, Hedi Slimane tweeted a link to his new set of them on his official site. So I thought, why not spend some time actually listening to these boys? Of course I realize what I missed these months I went without the Hip Hop of the Egyptians. I'm a sucker for UK-born (or somewhere in that vicinity) bands... Mystery Jets, Florence + The Machine, Klaxons. I'm also a sucker for Egypt. I hope to study it enough to be an Egyptologist on the side. Anyway, check out these guys on their Myspace and get some free tracks from RCRD LBL. I had to dig to get some because not too much is known on them. My favorite tracks are "Wild Human Child" and "Rad Pitt."

Katy Perry's sophomore album Teenage Dream leaked online earlier this morning!! I've been a Katy fan and when her new single hit I was excited for this new compilation. Of course her comments on Gaga's "Alejandro" turned me off but whatever. I love this girl. I have passes to see her on the TODAY Show later this month so I'm going to try and go. But try and find a link to download the album, it's really really good. Definitely a step up from her first album. "Peacock" and "Firework" were soo worth the wait.

I've enjoyed The Pretty Reckless since I heard "I, Zombie" or whatever the hell that track is called. Now "Miss Nothing" is a constant on my playlist along with "Superhero" and "My Medicine." Taylor's like a year younger than me, I think... But her comments are getting on my nerves. Recently she said Pop and Rock get mixed up (which is true) but she attacks Rihanna specifically saying she can't wear a leather jacket because she's a Pop artist. Make sense? No... especially not to those who study fashion. But I enjoy her music. She's just young and will learn. Even though she hates Miley Cyrus, that comment was like Miley saying she wishes Kurt Cobain were her boyfriend.

My taste in music is all over the place and I'm not against any certain type. Perhaps that's visible?


I Need a Bag for School... A Proenza Schouler Bag

Right. Having an uncle who works at Kirna Zabete in SoHo as their in-home photographer sure makes me jealous. The store has visitors like Gwenyth Paltrow and Tim Gunn. But he gets to touch, photograph, and work with products I would kill for. For him, he holds the job as a job. He's not necessarily a follower of fashion but he does get to see some of its ins and outs. This jealousy of mine extends to his raving of the Proenza Schouler Large PS1 Bag. The boutique sells out of these holy grails fast when they get them in stock. That is understandable. It is a bag held by many celebs like Mary-Kate and Leighton.

This has to be my most coveted item right now though. I want a bag for classes and every day use. Although I might not even want to take it out of its wrapping once I purchase it. I just had to share my want for the Fall season. So versatile, leather, spacious. The PS1 Bag is a MUST-HAVE ITEM!

Alexander Wang Fall 2010 RTW Video Campaign

It's been precisely a week since I've gone onto AlexanderWang.com. This week without visiting one of my favorite designers' website was filled with work in retail and my growing obsession with Mademoiselle Cotillard. So imagine my surprise when I typed in the Asian designer's name in my Safari type box and got an unexpected visual orgasm? The short film stars Chanel favorite Abbey Lee Kershaw in pieces of Alexander Wang's Fall Ready-to-Wear 2010 collection. I still crave his Darcy Slouchy Hobo Bag in Black/Leather with the antiqued brass rivets on its bottom...ah! One day, I will have it just to have it. That and his Rocco Mini Duffle, same style.

I must admit, I do not follow models around. I could never tell you the models in a Dior show unless it is Chanel Iman or Jessica Stam. Maybe I'll get more into models. Let's start with Abbey Lee Kershaw...


The (Elle) September Issue

I never really read Elle. I'm more of a Vogue reader and collector. But this September Issue I had to buy. This entire summer for me was a summer of research in fashion, trends, style. Kind of broadening my thoughts and ideas of the fashion world. So I thought, why not purchase every major September Issue? Since, of course, this annual release by major fashion magazines is always the biggest and best. I am thankful that I did take the issue home with me Sunday, though. Not only do I love the black, white, and red all over cover featuring a well-styled and beautiful Julia Roberts... The inside is not bad at all.

The big issue focuses on trends that have been sprouting since Spring/Summer 2010 collections hit the runway nearly a year ago. While these trends (lace, army, etc.) were not ignored this year of twenty ten, fall will definitely bring the best of them. I've only gotten about half way through Elle's biggest fashion issue of the year but the few articles I've read I enjoyed. The 3-page write up of Opening Ceremony and its owners was fantastic. I also liked Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers' Editor's Letter... I think I've found a new favorite magazine. Featuring my favorite Balmain and McQueen pieces in the baroque page and my favorite A/W '10 Dior collection in the equestrian-style page were positives too.

P.S. I didn't know "magazine" is synonymous to "arsenal of weapons."

Gaga Break

I love these photos of Lady Gaga performing at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas.

The Obsession Continues... Take It All

I don't think I ever want my newest obsession to leave me. So I want to divulge in as many things Marion Cotillard as I can.

I went out to my local Blockbuster yesterday afternoon and that evening I took time out to watch La Vie en Rose. The biopic of French singer Edith Piaf which made Marion Cotillard an Oscar winner. I personally loved this movie and Marion's performance. C'mon... she played Piaf from her 20's until her unfortunate late-40's. Her mannerisms and use of voice and power in her eyes were too extreme not to be given her award(s). I loved loved loved it and will most likely continue to do so. Yay for Cotillard!


Marion Cotillard


My brand new obsession hails from France: Marion Cotillard. I've seen her in only a few of her many films and tomorrow I will get La Vie En Rose (her Oscar-winning performance as Edith Piaf). My goal is to study her as an actress and human. I have declared her as my new muse for this ever-growing collection in my mind and paper. Her beauty makes me quiver.



Nine-stills-012 copy


LaMome-stills-024 copy



But to me, Marion is more than a beautiful French woman... Or beautiful French actress... Or beautiful actress for that matter. She has an unexplained mystery in her eyes that I don't want to resolve. Her spirit is something reminiscent of Audry Hepburn's (to me). Marion's spirit has that classic Hollywood feel that the media is soo dying to have. I've seen videos of her online of her being gracious signing autographs and posing for photos with numerous fans. She is so patient and forgiving with the public. Her human spirit is what is most intriguing to me.

... Her acting skills are top-notch, too, if you didn't know. She makes you feel by hearing her voice and looking into her eyes on the screen. Marion Cotillard is also a very lovely singer. I cannot get enough of her performance of "Take It All" from Nine or "The Eyes of Mars" as part of her Lady Dior campaign. So talented and mesmerizing.



See Me Now

Kanye West has released his newest single "See Me Now" featuring Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson. This track is absolutely enlightening. Just to hear something like this from Mr. West is pretty much a breath of fresh air. The beat is uplifting and draws you in. And having my all-time favorite Beyoncé hit up the chorus is the icing on the cake for me. It does seem rough and apparently it is only the rough version. Whatever, though. I love it.