The Most Over-Sized Sweater

Preparing to go out with my parents while at home. I think dinner and then we're watching Limitless? No idea. I hope to do outfit posts from now on. Unfortunately, my DSLR Nikon D3000 has no tripod. Photos from the waist up it is!


Just my American Apparel overly-ribbed, overly-sized sweater OVER a checkered shirt from H&M. Two things I left back here on the East Coast. I have tobacco-colored skinny Dockers on, but they're barely visible.

My room is blue.


Thakoon in London!


Thakoon had a party in London hosted by Mary Charteris and Poppy Delevigne (both sides of Thakoon, pictured above, respectively). Mary's actually the niece of Daphne Guinness. How about that? Oh, and where have I been to not have known Thakoon now has facial hair, regards to his mustache?! Guess I still only see him as in that doc we know so well. Looks like a fun party, huh?



Books to Read

I've come to the conclusion that I must read some more books. I was actually quite the little bookworm back in Elementary/Middle school. Then, for me at least, the internet occurred and I dropped the printed pages for digital graphics (same thing?). I would like to continue reading, though. And, with my iPad, it should be doable. Here are a few selected books I want to pick up from iBooks. Gatsby I have read, I just want to re-read it with a different mind.



Anna Wintour Covers WSJ Mag

Have you seen this? If not, you should. Anna Wintour covers the April 2011 issue of WSJ Magazine, a part of The Wall Street Journal.


In one of Anna's best covers (herself covering a mag is gold, she dons Prada Spring 2011. *Which, by the way, I wasn't crazy about at first. Now, I love it.* The profile was photographed by Vogue photographer Mario Testino. Anna and Mario have created an iconic shot in fashion. This is a must purchase for me. Or, perhaps, two purchases... You can never have too many copies iconic magazines!

I love how this issue is announced just a day after I returned from New York (a trip I will be posting about!). Reason being, I was stuck on the bus for two hours, after the bus caught a flat, watching The September Issue, yet again. I'd say that's the tenth time?

Madonna for Harper's Bazaar March '06

I'm currently in the process of applying to gain a summer internship with Harper's Bazaar. Hopefully, things go very (well, extremely, rather) well with the application. I would have the opportunity to be a part of one of my favorite fashion publications. But, in all seriousness, let's face it: I only REALLY enjoy fashion periodicals, with the exception of Billboard/Rolling Stone. Looking at how I appreciate/admire Harper's Bazaar as a magazine, I decided to take a look back at the most memorable issue for me.


The issue at hand is March 2006 with Madonna on the cover. The spread of Madonna's movements cut/pasted on top of each other was incredible to me. The standout colors of the garments or even the black satin in front of black. And it all really reflected from the great lighting. At the time, I really didn't know about fashion, really. I barely knew Madonna. But something stuck with me from that issue, that spread. How could something not?



Face: Aymeline Valade


I love shots of models where the face is it. The face takes up the entire frame. With photos taken in such a way, you are able to really see how a model is a model. Or should I say "why?" I admit, I don't pay attention to models as much as the next guy... But every once in a while I'll be enticed by one. Aymeline is the model of now for me. Her face is rather lovely. That's all I can say. The close up photos of her face are so spectacular, I had to compile them in a little card.


Before I realized she was Aymeline, I remember reading February's 2011 issue (because of Tom Ford, of course) and viewing Aymeline's bewitching spread of her all up in and around S/S '11 Balenciaga (who doesn't love that collection? I still want the spiked-sole shoes, for real). It's almost like a "No way!" now, for me, to put a name on that girl. She's great.

My favorite? Backstage of Chloe (1st photo). Yours?


Keep Going, Keep Going


Let's keep this going. A lot has happened since I've last updated with my newest influences. Long story short, I had a relative pass during my birthday weekend. So, I flew home from Los Angeles to Virginia. I ended up leaving the Winter quarter of my school two week early. No sleep and too much stress... I had to take on the task(s) of completing my final projects/exams-due in two weeks-in only one. The only thoughts I had were: "Well, fuck me sideways," "Jesus Christ," and "Come on." However, things seemed to work out. For the best? I have no idea. So we'll see. Grades (so far) seem to be pretty... alright. Got a grade of "A" in Business. I like to think that's a positive because I learned a nice amount. Plus, I did a fantastical project on Alex Wang (also, I should mention I was lucky enough to visit his new SoHo store this past weekend).

I decided I would love to continue writing. I also need to begin reading again. Lord knows I need to catch up to my bookworm days of yesteryear. I hope you stick around because I have hopes for this blog. I want to merge fashion and writing like my favorite sites do. My goal-in writing-is to write for Style.com. If not, Vogue, Harper's, or Elle will suffice, of course.

Above, one of my favorites: Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2011 RTW